I’m happy for you both

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The fact that my brother is gay has always been normal to me.  It was never even a question, not something he had to explain or justify.  All I care about is him being happy. His partner is one of the nicest guys you could meet.

I do however know that sadly for a lot of people, homosexuality is still a big no-no, a word only whispered behind closed doors…

Our mother is going to be 74 this year and being from a very different generation, I know that this was something that has not always been easy for her.  One way or another she had made peace with it all but I have to admit that I was a little worried as to how she would react at this latest development.  I’m not even sure she knows that it is possible for gay couples to get married.

As it had just been my brother’s birthday, he grabbed the opportunity to invite our mum, sister and two nieces to come and visit him for the day to announce the big day.  Always more than happy to go on a trip home, I quickly booked myself a flight to be there with them and offer some moral support, which we all hoped would not be needed.

Rather than making a big speech, my brother had a sneaky plan of simply handing out their wedding invitations to us all over coffee and cake.  To make it look as though I didn’t know, I even gave back the invitation he had already posted to me so he could hand it to me at the same time…

We all opened the envelopes and my sister had clicked straight away.  My mum however, was either struggling to read the small print, or wasn’t quite sure how to react. And, for what seemed like ages, she simply sat and stared at the invite.

Finally the penny dropped and she just said one sentence that I know meant so much to both my brother and his partner; “I’m happy for you both.”  Ok that wasn’t all she said but it was the important bit anyway before she started talking about some dentist appointment…

Welcome to the family dear brother-in-law!!

Was he serious?

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The thought of a double wedding with my brother didn’t really leave my mind. How many people get the chance to share their wedding day with their brother? And how many of those can say they’ve shared a double wedding with a gay couple? The more my other half and I talked about it, the more we liked the idea. It would be great fun, and a fantastic memory. But we weren’t sure that my brother had been serious when he suggested it, and we didn’t want to steal their thunder by crashing their big day by me rolling up in a big white dress.  We should probably just forget about the whole idea…

After a lot of to and fro as to whether I should start a blog, a decision has finally been made.

I was never quite sure that I had something interesting to say, was worried that no-one would read my blog and, in any event, wasn’t quite sure what to write about.

Ok, so I enjoy cooking and baking and I do some knitting and crochet and card making and general artsy stuff, but there are so many talented food bloggers and other creative people already out there…

But then something happened. And all of a sudden people were saying that “that” was something you would expect to hear on TV and had I thought about writing about “it”…maybe I was even the first person to do something like “that”… (I doubt it though…).

Let me explain.

The other day, my brother phoned with some exciting news!

He and his long time boyfriend of 15 years had decided to get married in a civil ceremony in Cologne. Of course, I was totally thrilled and over the moon for both of them! I had hoped for this news for some time.

However, my boyfriend had proposed to me back in July last year and we were hoping to get married very soon ourselves.  Unfortunately our respective families live in Australia and Germany, whilst we have both been living in the UK for over 10 years. We couldn’t even decide on a country, so never mind thinking about setting a date.  And now my gay brother was going to get married before me… just like that.  They even had a date already!

It was during that initial phone call with my brother that he said; “Wouldn’t it be great if we made it a double wedding?” – Of course, I thought he was joking. But the seed had been planted…