I could cry!!!

May 29th, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized

In fact I just did.  Sitting at my desk at our branch office with colleagues that I’m not all that close to and after a rubbish night’s sleep in the hotel, I have just had an email from my brother.  Today was supposed to be a really good day.  He had an appointment with the Registrar this morning to officially hand over our paperwork so it could then be sent for final approval at the Courts.

Unfortunately there is more paperwork missing.  All of a sudden we are being asked to provide payslips, details of any capital, whether we have a mortgage and how much is left to pay on it. This has never been mentioned before.  Seriously?  What does it matter what we earn? Surprisingly my brother and his partner did not have to provide any of this…so we must assume that this is because technically we are “foreign”.

With me not being at home and not having access to any of my paperwork, I worked myself into a right state. And yes I know that crying doesn’t help – but it sure made me feel better at the time.

Anyway, after composing myself, having a cup of tea and a few deep breaths I spoke to my other half and my brother. Then to my brother again.  And again. And then to the other half again.  Then sweet talked our HR department to print me some duplicate payslips and an hour later I was ready to email everything across to the Registrar so she could then forward our application to the Courts.

Now the waiting game truly begins.  The next thing I should hear is the official confirmation of our appointment once our papers have been approved – unless there is something else missing.  Like my shoe size or inside leg maybe… Not that I’m bitter or anything!

Good job I’m working on some fairly boring project work at the moment. I don’t think I’d be in a state to actually get anything decent done today.

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