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June 29th, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized

Yep – this post actually isn’t wedding related

I have recently signed up to the Foodie Penpal swap over at Rock Salt, organised by Carol Anne. 

If you are a food blogger or just love food, I suggest you go and check out her blog.  In short, the idea is that at the beginning of each month you get matched up to one partner (who also loves food) and then you send a nice little foodie surprise parcel to your partner whilst in turn you will receive a parcel from yet another food lover. The idea is to include some unusual or local foods or something homemade for example.

I was very excited when my parcel from Meryl over at Community Gardening for Idiots arrived.

It was a bit spooky because when I opened the parcel and read Meryl’s note it was a little as if she had been spying on me.  I’m a bit of a skipper when it comes to eating breakfast in the morning.  I usually just can’t get out of bed in time to straighten my hair AND have breakfast.

And you know what Meryl sent me??? A Dorset Breakfast!!!! Wanna see?

There is some Dorset fruity porridge (for the microwave so even I should be able to make some time for it), some dorset tea, some lovely organic wild berry tea, and some hunza apricots (never had those but apparently you have to soak them overnight and then heat them up until they go all syrupy which I will try this weekend!) And that’s not all!! There is also a bar of Green and Blacks milk chocolate which didn’t last very long at all and some baking cups for some weekend baking!

I’m now thinking dorset/apricots breakfast muffins…I wonder if I could come up with a recipe… I will let you know.

Thank you so much for my lovely parcel Meryl! You may have just started a new breakfast trend here!

In turn my partner was Jess and I sent her a parcel of “All Things Yorkshire” but I will let her show you herself.  Do pop over to visit her at House Tales.

I’m already looking forward to next month’s food parcel swap!!

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