It’s going ahead…or is it?

July 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized

Wohoo!  I (or should I say my brother) finally had confirmation that our appointment now stands!  Good job too with people travelling from the UK and as far away as Australia.  It would have been a little bit embarrassing to tell them all that after all the hype something had gone wrong somewhere.  Well I guess there would have still been at least one wedding – just not ours…

However, as you may have gathered by now, nothing has actually ever been straight forward with this marriage.

Firstly, my brother had a bill from the courts in Germany in respect of the exemption from the No Impediment to Marriage certificate.  Hang on I said. What do you mean by exemption?? We did provide that. Had it posted all the way from Australia, then translated and now we need some kind of exemption?? Apparently it turns out that these certificates aren’t really used anymore and what you need instead is some kind of exemption, which cost us another 50 Euros (on top of the fee from the Australian authorities, express international postage and translation – lovely!)

Apparently my brother was very close to having a rather huge argument with them about it but didn’t want to risk me getting married for the sake of 50 Euros so he paid up.  Phew….

He then also posted me the originals of the confirmation of our appointment and you would never guess it!  Somehow the German authorities managed to get the countries mixed up and all the paperwork refers to us living in Australia… I know it’s all very international with me being German and my partner being Australian and us living in the UK but it’s not really that difficult is it?  I’m just hoping this isn’t going to cause any bigger problems.

So another sharp breath in and another phone call to my brother (as the lady at the Registry Office is now actually just ignoring my emails and exclusively speaks to my brother for some reason).  Anyway she’s very sorry (or so he tells me) and they have amended their details accordingly.  Dear lord!!

My poor brother by now must be kicking himself for ever agreeing to deal with matters on our behalf.  Good job he’s a rather relaxed chap!

Keep your fingers crossed for us! Who knows what else might happen in the next 6 weeks.

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