Foodie Penpals II

August 1st, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized

Gosh! I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since my last blog entry.

Don’t think there is anything exciting to report from wedding wonderland.  For once everything seems to run smoothly.  There just seems to be a never ending list of small things to sort or get or organise one way or another.  I do like making lists.  But usually only because of that good feeling of ticking this off your list.  At the moment that list does just seem to grow all the time. We just keep our fingers crossed.  There is also still the slight matter of shoes for the bride but hey, I can always wear trainers, right?? The dress is very long and I’m convinced no-one would ever be able to tell…

Anyway, I received my second food parcel a little while ago and I’m actually a little late writing about it – sorry Joan!!

This month’s food parcel came from Joan in Glasgow. You can find her blog here. Please do pop over and visit.  I have been so excited by her parcel that I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture of all the goodies before eating most of it!  Oops.  Must really try and hold back next time.

Anyhow, for starters, there were some bits and pieces for my sweet tooth and some baking goodies.  Then there was something traditional. First of all (of course) there was haggis!  On Joan’s recommendations I didn’t read the ingredients but I know that it’s not exactly, shall we say mainstream?? So I didn’t but wow – I was sure they would explode!! They didn’t of course.  I will now have to go and buy more to try out a recipe for Chicken Balmoral Joan has kindly sent me.

Then there were some potato scones for breakfast. There clearly is a theme forming here with people wanting to make sure I eat my breakfast! I’m still trying very hard to make time for it in the morning but I just can’t get out of bed on a morning.  It’s really getting quite bad actually.

Then there was some lovely home-made shortbread which was beautiful!  I shared it with my boyfriend over a few cups of tea and we just couldn’t stop eating them.

The only thing I actually still have some left off is some home-made tablet.  This is basically condensed milk, sugar, more sugar and butter mixed together.  Soooo naughty but so very very nice! In fact I shall have a little piece now on my way to bed.

Thank you so much to Joan for all those goodies and your lovely note and recipes!

My foodie penpal in turn was Andy over at High Maintenance Life. Andy’s blog is amazing.  Into food? You must go and check it out! I tried to put together a themed parcel around the five basic taste senses of salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami (or savoury) and I think he liked it.  But you will have to go and read Andy’s blog to see what I sent him…

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  • Joan says:

    So glad you enjoyed the goodies. Potato scones can be enjoyed any time and – quick tip – they’re pretty good done in the toaster for a night-time treat! Keep going with those lists, they’ll get shorter eventually!

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