Shipping a wedding dress…

August 10th, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized

With the big day getting closer, one big decision to to be made was what we were going to do with our wedding outfits.  I had enough bags booked for the flight to take the dress (and Craig’s suit) onto the plane but then I just didn’t really fancy sitting on the plane for an hour stressing over whether or not my suitcase with my wedding dress would actually arrive in the same location. I had previously lost a suitcase on a Christmas trip home and it’s not a pleasant experience (the suitcase made it to Switzerland for some reason…).

Whilst sending it with a courier wasn’t actually that expensive, the next question was whether or not to have the parcel insured.  That was going to add another £50 to the bill (which was twice the courier fee really). Now, usually I would say no, absolutely not.  I might as well set fire to money but on this occasion I was a little more reserved and in the end opted to have it all insured.

I couldn’t bear to think of anything happening to the parcel so for the sake of £50 I gave in.

The good news is that I had an email from my brother today to let me know it all arrived safely. Phew.

Craig’s mum and dad (and my future parents in law) are also arriving today and we are all flying out to Germany in five days time. Oh and have I mentioned that I have no shoes to go with my dress yet?? Oh dear…

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