The british summer and a wedding dress on the floor!

August 16th, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized

Arriving at the airport yesterday, the heavens opened…

Seriously, I have never been caught in such a rainstorm before.  From getting out of the taxi just to the nearest shelter (which was the airport bus stop) which was quite literally just across the road, we all got soaked yesterday.

We then sort of dried off while waiting to board the plane and got soaked again walking to the bus that was going to take us to the plane. We then had to get from the bus onto the plane via those lovely wobbly metal staircases attached to the plane and…you guessed it…got soaked a little more.

In stark contrast, we arrived in Germany on a very balmy evening and had dinner in the garden around 11pm (although there was a little thunderstorm).  The weather forecast for the next few days was for sun, sun, sun and at least 30 degrees on Saturday.

On checking we noticed however that quite a lot of our clothes in the suitcases had also been soaked (and one of my purple tops had actually lost some of it’s dye in one of Craig’s shirts. Oh dear, good job our wedding outfits weren’t in those suitcases.  That definately was money well spent…

Today will be a very quiet day with a little sightseeing (before some family and friends start to arrive) and then tomorrow there are flowers to sort, the venue to be set up and cake to be eaten.  We decided we would start early and my sister has kindly agreed to bring some cake with her for tomorrow so we can all get into the spirit.

My brother had me in stitches earlier today by the way.  When I sent my dress, I explained to him that within the box was a gown bag and a special padded hanger and could he please put the dress onto the special hanger and then place the dress into the gown bag to be hung up.

For some reason he opened the parcel the wrong way round however and the first items he saw were a plastic sleeve and coat hanger which the bridal house had left in the box when they boxed the dress.  Then he saw the dress and, putting two and two together thought that I must have meant that plastic sleeve and coat hanger.  So I found my dress hanging on a plastic coat hanger covered in just a plastic sleeve which didn’t cover the dress all the way round the bottom which meant the dress was kind of dragging on the floor.  Argh!!

I politely asked where the gown bag was but just got a very confused look.  Turns out the gown bag and special hanger were still in the very bottom of the parcel and with quite a few giggles we moved the dress onto the pretty hanger and into it’s lovely gown bag.

There, that’s better. Bless him. He was mortified really but then he is a guy so I didn’t really expect him to know that a gown bag would be more than a plastic sleeve.

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