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August 18th, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized

I woke up at 5:30am this morning and was not pleased…  I’m a real grump in the morning at the best of times so getting up at 5:30am is just not on.  Good job it was my own wedding I had to get up for otherwise there would have been a right tantrum.

Anyway, the first ten minutes after waking up were spent just lying in bed not really wanting to get up all of a sudden.  It was a really weird feeling but all of a sudden I was feeling sick, thought the dress was completely over the top and everyone would hate it and I just wanted the day to be over.  How sorry I am for feeling that way now…

It was just the best day ever.  It was the hottest weekend of the year in Germany, blue skies, not a cloud in sight, bright sunshine and all my friends and family around me to celebrate me becoming Mrs Wood.  And then hardly two hours later (and still in my wedding dress) I was going to see my brother and his partner getting married too.  That would officially be our first official engagement as Mr and Mrs Wood.

It was kind of weird that after all the organisation and planning and worrying the day had finally come but it was just perfect.

My hairdresser turned up at 6am sharpish and Craig left at this point to get ready with his best man. Good job too because if he had seen me with all those rollers in my hair he probably would have changed his mind…

I got ready with my soon to be mum in law, my sister, my two nieces and my nephew’s girlfriend around me and even though it was quite early I think we all had a good time.

Although the plan initially was to get the train with everyone, I was persuaded to get a taxi with my mum and mum in law. Here are my mum and me just after we arrived at the Town Hall

In German tradition, the ceremony started promptly and finished on time.  The Registrar was lovely and our interpreter did a superb job.

And here we are emerging as Mr and Mrs Wood (check out the clock above us – how cool of the photographer to capture that very moment!)

And just a few more because they turned out so lovely…

And one last one for now

And yes, that is me in my wedding dress in a sun lounger in the sandpit at the kindergarten where we celebrated!!  Have you noticed my shoes??  I must have been the most comfortable bride ever wearing golden trainers!

That’s it for now…must go and rest after all that excitement.

Bye for now

Mrs S Wood

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