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There’s a saying in Germany that says “Das Leben ist wie eine Hühnerleiter, kurz und beschissen…”  In short that means something like “life is short and full of sh*t…”

Having finally decided that a double wedding would be a fantastic idea, it was decided that I would email the Registrar Office and see what they could do.  After two emails and no response, my brother said he was going to give them a call and see what was going on.

Unfortunately there was disappointing news.  Even though to have a double wedding was generally possible, as my other half doesn’t speak enough German, so there will need to be a translator on the day. For the two ceremonies with a translator they would effectively need three “normal” appointments side by side and that just wasn’t going to be possible.  Also, my brother has chosen a very popular Saturday and all other appointments either side of theirs are fully booked.

So the decision really has been taken out of our hands…

Although disappointed, I can at least start planning to organise a few nice surprises for their big day.  At least there will be another party on the day I finally get married.

This also means that I can now concentrate on helping to make my brother’s day special.  All sorts of ideas come to mind… More on those later.

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