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By way of setting the scene, I am from Germany, and I live in England (Leeds) with my Australian boyfriend.

On my birthday last year, my boyfriend proposed to me, and I accepted. Due to the geographical restrictions of our families being on opposite sides of the world (one of my boyfriend’s brothers lives  in Japan – we sometimes joke that our family is like the United Nations), we weren’t in a rush to set a date for our wedding as we couldn’t even agree on the country!

We considered getting married in Germany but were slightly off-put by the amount of red tape involved. Not too bad for me, but many of my boyfriend’s documents need to be legally certified or “apostilled”. He also needs a certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from the Australian High Commission in London.

Then, the other day, my brother phoned with some exciting news!
He and his long time boyfriend, had decided to get married in a civil ceremony in Cologne. Of course, I was totally thrilled and over the moon for both of them! I had hoped for this news for some time.

During the phone call, my brother said; “Wouldn’t it be great if we made it a double wedding?” – Of course, I thought he was joking. But the seed had been planted…

WelcomeThe best place to start a story is at the beginning…
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