The story of my (sort-of) double wedding…

It’s back on again (almost)

April 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Didn’t really get much done at work today…

I had a reply (after nearly two weeks) from someone at the Registrar Office in Germany. I also had an email from my brother saying that someone from the Registrar Office had called him and could I please give him a call.

Long story short, they hadn’t ignored my emails but they simply couldn’t accommodate a double appointment that needed a translator present.  My brother’s wedding will be taking place at 11:30am on the day.

However, there is an appointment available at approximately 9:00 am that same morning and if I was interested, could I please make contact as soon as possible.

Was I?? The rest of the day was spent calling the Registrar Office, my brother and my boyfriend a number of times.

If we wanted the appointment, there was all of a sudden a fair amount of paperwork to sort out. As we don’t live in Germany, our wedding needs to be approved by the Courts and this alone could take up to six weeks.  This is six weeks AFTER we get all our respective paperwork together, some of which will have to be requested from Australia…

Rainbow cookies

March 24th, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

In my further search for ideas to celebrate my brother’s marriage (I really don’t like to refer to it as “civil partnership”!) to his boyfriend, I have come across these fantastic cookies by Ken of Hungry Rabbit. I think they would be very welcome as something to nibble on after the ceremony, whilst drinking some champagne outside, hopefully in the sunshine, before the festivities begin…  I wonder how long they would keep and if I would get them through airport security.  Alternatively I may just have to post them.  I feel a test bake coming on.

The boys’ colour scheme

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I’m back after a couple of days of dealing with the disappointment.  We had tried to not get too excited about the whole idea but in a way couldn’t help it so it has been a rather harsh bump back on to planet earth.

Instead of completly withdrawing from the excitement, I have decided I would just throw myself into preparations for their big day now.

There are a couple of ideas buzzing around my head at the moment.  For one I think the boys’ colour scheme is just fantastic!  Want to see??

These are the colour of their shirts!!  They will be worn with a blue (lime green) and a brown (fuchsia pink) suit and look pretty amazing.  No-one is going to miss these two!!

I thought it might be nice to make LOTS of these brooches and effectively have them as wedding favours so each guest can wear one on the day.  That would be about 100 brooches.  Oh well, two down only 98 to go…

The flowers have been made by following a pattern that was recently in Mollie Makes.  At this point I would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Penny at Planet Penny who has been amazing in helping me with this pattern.  I was really struggling with the pattern and had seen on Penny’s blog that she already had a go at the pattern so I emailed her and she helped me all the way through!! I might want to add that this is not her pattern, nor do I know Penny but without hesitation (whilst she was preparing for her own son’s wedding and a number of craft shows!!) she made contact and helped me out.  Do pop over and have a look at her blog.  Her rainbow mouse pattern and felted cuties are very much on the top of my “need to do” list.

Oh – and as it turns out there was an error published on the pattern so I feel a little bit better now…


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There’s a saying in Germany that says “Das Leben ist wie eine Hühnerleiter, kurz und beschissen…”  In short that means something like “life is short and full of sh*t…”

Having finally decided that a double wedding would be a fantastic idea, it was decided that I would email the Registrar Office and see what they could do.  After two emails and no response, my brother said he was going to give them a call and see what was going on.

Unfortunately there was disappointing news.  Even though to have a double wedding was generally possible, as my other half doesn’t speak enough German, so there will need to be a translator on the day. For the two ceremonies with a translator they would effectively need three “normal” appointments side by side and that just wasn’t going to be possible.  Also, my brother has chosen a very popular Saturday and all other appointments either side of theirs are fully booked.

So the decision really has been taken out of our hands…

Although disappointed, I can at least start planning to organise a few nice surprises for their big day.  At least there will be another party on the day I finally get married.

This also means that I can now concentrate on helping to make my brother’s day special.  All sorts of ideas come to mind… More on those later.

Who’s buying a hat then?

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Another reason I really wanted to go home that weekend was to see if I could get a chance to speak to my brother and his partner about this double wedding business.  It’s all very well saying these things over the phone.  But we are talking about my brother…

I wasn’t so sure that his partner was even open to the idea and I preferred to see facial reactions rather than having that conversation over the phone.

The opportunity didn’t really present for some time.  They had been invited to a birthday party on the Saturday night (which took place at the same venue as their evening reception.  As you can see their planning was in full drive…) and I had decided just to spend the evening at their place with a book and a glass of wine.  In the end it was fizzy pop and “Schlag den Raab”, a show where people compete in all sort of ridiculous tasks against a guy called Stefan Raab, who hosts a number of shows on German TV.

Anyway, before I could get comfortable on the sofa (and have a rest after I had been shopping for HOURS with those two!!) the phone rang and my brother said he was sort of on the way back to pick me up.  He had mentioned that I was visiting and his mates couldn’t quite believe he left me sitting at home on my own.  So before I knew it I was gate crashing a combined birthday party of these two guys I had never met before…

It was a really great opportunity to meet some of my brother’s friends though, most of which will also be at their wedding.

Whilst chatting to one of the birthday boys and talking about the wedding, my brother’s partner also said something along the lines of a double wedding and they had hoped we would have said something by now as they had mentioned it a few times now…

As everyone in Germany seems to think it’s hilarious to wear hats to weddings or have colour co-ordinated bridesmaids (it must just be a very british  thing), his mate said he would go and buy a hat if we ended up having a double wedding.  Which reminds me, I better send him an email to remind him and tell him which colour I would like him to wear…

It wasn’t until the next day though that I really got to speak to my brother’s partner about the double wedding and in fact he seemed even more excited by the idea than anyone else! Hooray!!