The boys’ colour scheme

March 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Sonja in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

I’m back after a couple of days of dealing with the disappointment.  We had tried to not get too excited about the whole idea but in a way couldn’t help it so it has been a rather harsh bump back on to planet earth.

Instead of completly withdrawing from the excitement, I have decided I would just throw myself into preparations for their big day now.

There are a couple of ideas buzzing around my head at the moment.  For one I think the boys’ colour scheme is just fantastic!  Want to see??

These are the colour of their shirts!!  They will be worn with a blue (lime green) and a brown (fuchsia pink) suit and look pretty amazing.  No-one is going to miss these two!!

I thought it might be nice to make LOTS of these brooches and effectively have them as wedding favours so each guest can wear one on the day.  That would be about 100 brooches.  Oh well, two down only 98 to go…

The flowers have been made by following a pattern that was recently in Mollie Makes.  At this point I would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely Penny at Planet Penny who has been amazing in helping me with this pattern.  I was really struggling with the pattern and had seen on Penny’s blog that she already had a go at the pattern so I emailed her and she helped me all the way through!! I might want to add that this is not her pattern, nor do I know Penny but without hesitation (whilst she was preparing for her own son’s wedding and a number of craft shows!!) she made contact and helped me out.  Do pop over and have a look at her blog.  Her rainbow mouse pattern and felted cuties are very much on the top of my “need to do” list.

Oh – and as it turns out there was an error published on the pattern so I feel a little bit better now…